Free Initial Consultation

What to expect from a Parent Consultation:

Before our consultation, I will give you a form to fill out that will help you pinpoint your concerns.  During our consultation, we will have a conversation about your child, and I will ask about your child’s strengths and difficulties.  After the consultation, I expect that you will come away with a few ideas to try at home.  If I believe your child is a candidate for an occupational therapy evaluation, I will let you know, but I will not pressure you to pursue services with me or with any other provider.  If I know of a provider who would be better suited to your child’s needs than I am, I will pass that information on to you.

To request an Initial Consultation Form, to make an appointment,  or for any question.

Free initial consultation before Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Print Path is a fully accredited Occupational Therapy private practice with reasonable rates. We do not accept insurance at this time.

Free Initial Consultation:
Free consultation before Occupational Therapy EvaluationInitial consultations usually last 15-20 minutes. This free consultation will help us determine if an occupational therapy evaluation is appropriate and if Thia is a good fit for your child and family. Initial consultations consist of two parts:
1) a confidential questionnaire, Initial Consultation Form, to be filled out and submitted to Thia, followed by
2) a phone or in-person meeting.  During the initial consultation we will discuss your child’s development and your family’s concerns for your child. You can contact Thia to schedule an initial consultation by calling: (503) 345-7586 or emailing:

Thia will need to complete an initial evaluation before your child begins therapy. Most evaluations take less than one hour. The price for a 30-60 minute evaluation along with a second 15-25 minute meeting to discuss the results, suggested adaptations, accommodations, and therapy recommendations is $145. You can contact Thia about scheduling an initial consultation by calling: (503) 345-7586 or emailing:

If recommended, 50-minute weekly treatment sessions are $92- $115 and include 5 minutes of parent/therapist collaboration.  Typically, Thia will recommend activities for you and your child to do at home between sessions.  Home programming is a part of therapy services and is needed to ensure adequate progress and integration of new skills into your child’s daily activities. Thia has a lending library of therapeutic materials that you can use for fun activities at home.

You can receive a significant discount by paying for services in advance. The standard fee is $115 per session. You can save either 10% or 20% by paying in advance for either a 5- or 10-week treatment package. You can contact Thia about available time slots by calling: (503) 345-7586 or emailing:   

You are welcome to add your name to a waiting list for 25% scholarships for low-middle income and 50% scholarships for low-income families. To apply for a scholarship, you can fill out and return the Initial Consultation Form.

Free initial consultation before Occupational Therapy Evaluation