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Privacy: Your privacy is of upmost importance to us. We will never share any of your contact or personal information.

Would you like help with any of these child-development challenges?

  • Your child has difficulty with household routines and basic expectations.
  • Your child takes a long time to eat, get dressed, or get to bed.
  • Your child dislikes school, has behavior problems at school, or has difficulty writing.
  • Your child seems clumsy and has difficulty learning new motor activities.  
  • Your child is slow to meet developmental milestones or seems ‘behind’ others his/her age.  
  • Your child’s physician and teachers are not helping your child reach their potential.

FREE Parent Consultation: Get Started Now

What to expect from a Parent Consultation:

Before our consultation, I will give you a form to fill out that will help you pinpoint your concerns.  During our twenty minute consultation, we will have a conversation about your child, and I will ask about your child’s strengths and difficulties.  After the consultation, I expect that you will come away with a few ideas to try at home.  

If I believe your child is a candidate for an occupational therapy evaluation, I will let you know, but I will not pressure you to pursue services with me or with any other provider.  If I know of a provider who would be better suited to your child’s needs than I am, I will pass that information on to you.

Yes, I would like a free parent consultation

Find out what OT could do for your child:

  • Could OT help my child thrive at school?
  • Could OT help my child enjoy life more?
  • Could OT help my child be more successful at home, school, or the community?
  • Could OT help my child be more independent?

FREE Parent Consultation: Get Started Now